Age of Adaline – Review

For most women today, not aging would seem like the greatest blessing from God. Imagine you could hold and preserve your youth and beauty for the rest of your life. But what would life be like if you just stopped changing? If you became immortal?

“The Age of Adaline” has an interesting take on the subject. Preserving one’s youth and beauty is only one aspect but would one be willing to see their loved ones grow old and complete and fade away? This exactly the dillema Blake Lively faces as Adaline Bowman in this film.

Adaline Bowman who is born in 1908, is living a normal life with her young daughter when she meets with a fatal accident which cause some chemical reactions in her body changing her genome making it impossible for her to age. Although there is no scientific explanation for this concept, the makers smartly justify the subject by saying that this will scientifically be discovered only in 2035. As time passes, it becomes difficult with each passing day to explain the reason for her agelessness to the people around her, hence she gets into the routine of shifting base and renewing her identity each decade. Not keeping in touch with anyone form the past except for her daughter and a blind friend and refraining from getting her photographs clicked help to keep this act realistic.

The sets and costume show a clear contrast from the past to the present day. The way Lively dresses in the movie is what shows the contrast and how she has adapted to the change over the years. The screenplay is interesting but it only grips the viewer more firmly when we get to see the vulnerabilities of Adaline in scenes with her daughter as well as with her love interest, Ellis who she cannot resist but fall for. The story only gets more interesting as Ellis’ father turns out to be Adaline’s long lost lover whom she had forbidden due to her secret.

The logic given may have some loopholes and is questionable but the story does come a full circle at the end of the narrative.


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