Conflict: Various Options and One Decision!

Module three for the Foundation Level at Pearl Academy requires research and exploration at its core with a final outcome of swatches inspired by the essence derived from our topic. Now this is exactly what I enjoy to the utmost. Introduction to the module and this fascinating project started with the disclosure of 5 themes, namely,

  • Indian/International Craft – Crafts originated and produced within India or Internationally (history, geography, origin, process and purpose of production, commercial use)
  • Folk Art – includes art produced in cultural isolation by untrained or partially skilled artisans
  • Tribal Art – includes artifacts created by people living in isolated tribal groups
  • Design Movements – when trends, economic, social or political conditions influence artists of a particular time perio to introduce a new concept into the art world that changes/influences the dynamics of the industry
  • Biomimicry – it is taking inspiration from the biological environment to create a design with similar characteristics as a natural being

After subjecting my brain to what seemed like a huge battle, I narrowed down to three subcategories, namely:

  • Indian Craft – Dhokra
  • Folk Art – Rangoli
  • Design Movement – Bauhaus

Although Google seems to be the primary information provider to make a choice in today’s digital world, a visit to the college library seemed like the ideal way to begin. While all the shortlisted topics were intriguing, Dhokra enthralled me the most as I had already attended a workshop for the same in school. A visit to Delhi Haat ended up in a fair amount of time being spent at the Dhokra stall, interacting with the artisans and carefully observing and photographing the final products.  By the end of the visit, I had cherry-picked this 4000-year-old non-ferrous metal casting technique, Dhokra as my topic, as the process and evolution of this craft intrigued me to delve further.


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