Let’s seek some INSPIRATION!!!

Before I start anything, whether it is re-decorating my room or revamping my closet for the season, I do myself a favor and create an inspiration board. LOVE is the word I would use to describe an inspiration board as it is the perfect place to stick all my favorite magazine cutouts, quotes and other pictures. Not only do these boards help build my excitement for the task at hand but is also a way to do some visual mind mapping. However, when it came to making an inspiration board for my Dhokra project, I was surprisingly blank. Usually, I put on colorful magazine cut outs, quotes, fabric scraps, beads, glitter and basically anything I can get my hands on. Plus, to my dismay, dhokra is certainly not the most colorful. After a lot of thinking and flipping of pages at the library, I finally made a list of the elements of Dhokra I would like to represent. The list included: animals, figurines, the detailed meshes, jewelry on the figurines and decorative embellishments used. Thereafter, I started collecting parallel images and in no time, my inspiration board glittered gold.

inspiration board 1.jpg

I used images of a Dhokra turtle, elephant and cattle as these are commonly represented in this craft. The tall slender figurines are also a common element. Next, I decided to zoom into the intricate detailed aspect of the product.


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