The Ultimate Debate: What is the difference between Art, Craft and Design?

Till date, many people debate about the things that differentiate art, craft and design from one another. Artists, craftsmen and designers all create visually appealing products using a set of techniques, however, the purpose for all three differs. Having spent an entire semester as an Art and Design Foundation student at Pearl Academy, my understanding of the differences is as follows:

A work of art is usually a reflection of the artist’s pool of thoughts and emotions that give rise to an artistic outcome. The art piece may be inspired by an event in the artist’s life or it may be communicating the artist’s personal opinion on a particular topic. The purpose of an art piece is to usually form an emotional connection with the audience, pushing them to question things, so that they are either emotionally moved by it or inspired by it.

On one hand where art does not have any particular function to cater to, design is produced to cater to a particular function. It is need based.

Instead, craft is structured and has a definite tangible outcome. It is usually a prolongation of the traditional techniques passed down from one generation to another.

These were just some of my thoughts on the topic. What are yours? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s strike a discussion right here.


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