Fashion has never failed to excite and enthuse me to make it my forte. As a little girl, I have memories of putting together outfits for my Barbie dolls, sketching imaginative pieces and playing dress up with my friends, trying to mimic the outfits that caught my eye while watching Fashion TV with so much fascination. Not limiting to traditional stereotypical ideas, I have always tried to experiment and let my creative juices flow. Over the years, my passion for this industry has evolved with me as my interest has shifted from the action on the ramp to other facets of the industry. I am more interested in following the fashion trends, the sneak peeks of designers and the stylists backstage and how they bring to life their creativity and imagination.

Passionately curious was born from my hunger to explore something new. I, Prerna Kalra, am a Fashion Media and Communication student at Pearl Academy. Through the years, I have realized that I have a thirst to learn new things and expand my horizons. Through this blog, I would take you on a journey as I hope to attain the adequate skills required to vitalize my interests and challenge myself to become a strong professional. I am keen to explore the process behind various facets of the industry not only to satisfy my creative yearning but also to give a new lease of life to many of India’s dying crafts by providing them a global platform through my work someday. Thus, follow me and be part of this exhilarating ride…